totally romantic story of how we first met which will be retold at our wedding;
I saw on his instagram that he was at the same hotel as me, (the Playlist Live hotel), so I screamed and dragged my sister, Cleo, and my best friend Andrew, to come find him with me. We had been searching for him for literally an hour and a half without luck. Then my momma insisted that we stopped for a bit and ate at the fancy restaurant downstairs, so I had no choice but to comply. but every 5 minutes or so, Andrew and I would go upstairs and make a quick run around the lobby to see if damon was there. after about 6 times, I was starting to lose hope. But then, as I was walking up the huge staircase, I looked up and there he was, taking pictures with some viewers. I screamed “Damon!!!”, ran up the stairs, and tackled him in a huge hug. Andrew did too, right after me. I got this picture with him and he was like “is it a good picture?” so I showed him and he was like “ohmygosh, it looks awful!” so we got another one but it looked even worse, but then we took a PERFECT one ♥ then we took a “silly face” pic :’DDD <333 Damon told us that he loved our enthusiasm, and he wanted to vlog about us; so he took out his camera and told us to reenact what we just did.Being the socially awkward bastard I am, I just stood there freaking out while andrew stole my spotlight and screamed and hugged him again. then he told us to say something to everyone and I said something so stupid it must never be repeated. ever. Then he got a picture with us on his phone and put it on his instagram :DDDD which got andrew and me 400 new followers each. then we asked him if his mom was coming because we freakin love her and want to meet her, and he was like “oh my gosh, you guys should talk her into coming!” so he called her AND WE GOT TO TALK TO HER JIOFHJSRGH it was beautiful.
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